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You Need To Know How To Change Your Diaper

Table of Content

1. Take out the sheet of the diaper, unfold it and stand up the side.

2. Lift the baby’s bottom and pad the diaper under it.

3. Adjust the position of the diaper so that the flanks are completely covered on both sides of the baby’s small buttocks.

4. Use one hand to hold the diaper patch and the other hand to straighten it out. Next affix two sides waist to stick, notice left and right sides want symmetrical.

5. Flat in the baby’s belly on a circle, if too loose, to re-adjust.

6. Make sure to arrange the diaper flanks around the baby’s legs. If the flanks are found under the baby’s small buttocks, pull them out to cover the baby’s buttocks smoothly.

7. Finally, make sure that the baby’s tummy is loose between the diaper, and it is better to keep the width of two fingers.

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