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Why Should We Pay Attention To The Absorbent Material When Buying Diapers?

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Parents who are babies all hope to buy safe and reliable diapers and diapers products, and we usually judge whether the diapers are good or bad is the quality of the absorbent materials of the diapers.

This is mainly because the quality of the absorbent material of the diaper will directly affect the absorption performance of the product. In general, the absorbent materials of diapers and diapers use plant fiber material fluff pulp. In order to enhance the absorption effect and lock the moisture, a certain amount of polymer water-absorbing resin must be added to the absorbent layer. Because the polymer water-absorbing resin is expensive, the amount of each product added varies. A large amount of water-absorbent resin can better absorb and lock in moisture, avoid back seepage, and keep the skin dry. Similarly, in some diapers or adult diapers, the absorbent material is wrinkled toilet paper.

This product has a small amount of absorption and needs to be replaced frequently when used, but it is quite cheap. Consumers can choose the corresponding products according to their affordability at the time of purchase.

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