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Why Japanese Adult Women Like To Wear Diapers

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Japan has always given people the impression of being well-organized, especially for women. Traditionally, women in non-special industries in Japan are very gentle, pleasant, diligent and generous. When the husband enters the door, “You are back, here are your slippers.” When the husband goes out, “You go well, come back early and I will cook dinner”.

The Japanese SPA magazine even reported the latest trend in Japan: adult women wear diapers.

Most children feel a sense of accomplishment after being able to use the toilet on their own, but some people in Japan voluntarily put on diapers again. According to Japanese media reports, wearing adult diapers has become more and more popular in Japan, especially for women who want to save time. Japan’s “SPA” magazine recently described this trend in an article entitled “The Ultimate Form of Lazy Man”. This article discusses the masculinity of women, who are often more sloppy than men: they don’t clean up the house, throw panties and stockings around, don’t wash the dishes for n days, don’t deal with the wool on some parts of the body, and even wear diapers. . Kaori Adachi, a 25-year-old woman who works in the Japanese real estate industry, has worn diapers to work every day for the past six months. She did this to save time and save the trouble of going to the bathroom. Initially, this idea came up during a business talk with a customer. And after a bold attempt, she found that she can now easily solve this embarrassing problem while chatting and laughing with customers.

In fact, not only Kaori Adachi, but many of her colleagues are said to be inspired to wear diapers to work. But she will not be like this when she is with her boyfriend, and she will definitely wear a skirt when she wears diapers, otherwise she will be easily noticed. There are many adults in Japan who wear diapers like this lady. In the women’s products section of some large supermarkets, large bags of diapers can often be seen. Even, the Japanese feel that women wearing diapers have a special taste with their unique aesthetics. So I set up a website to show beautiful photos of girls wearing diapers.

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