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Why Does The Baby Wear Diapers

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From my mother’s point of view.

Nappies save mothers the hassle of constantly changing diapers, freeing them from the drudgery of the job. On the one hand, let the mother have more time to accompany the baby, deepen the relationship between mother and child (female), let the baby’s sense of security doubled. On the other hand, also let the mother have more energy to the baby early education and intellectual development, for the baby’s future growth and development to lay the foundation.

From the baby’s point of view, the benefits are even more obvious.

Care for the health of traditional diapers if the use of improper, the most likely to produce diaper rash. Traditional paper diapers because of poor absorption, if not replaced in time, the baby and the diaper urine in long-term contact, will lead to excessive skin moisture, and humidity is often the first and most important factor to cause diaper rash, because it makes the skin more prone to wear, be stimulated, conducive to the growth of bacteria. However, the disposable diapers with sumitomo SAP as the absorbent material can quickly absorb urine and prevent reinfiltration, so that it can be separated from the urine, prevent the moisture from contacting with the skin, prevent the increase of skin PH value, and weaken the ability of irritating enzymes to cause diaper rash. Using sumitomo SAP as absorbent material, disposable diapers have timely and efficient absorbency, which can make the skin of the small buttocks more dry, effectively reduce the secondary infection caused by urine and stool pollution, reduce the chance of rubbing the baby because of feeling uncomfortable, so as to keep the baby away from diaper rash and keep the skin dry and healthy.

From the point of view of safety and health

Diapers can provide a more hygienic growth environment for babies, which is conducive to the health of baby’s skin. Baby’s skin is naturally delicate and sensitive, and traditional diapers have poor air permeability, which is easy to form a humid and stuffy skin environment and induce diaper rash. Super absorbent disposable nappies can keep the skin dry for a long time and help reduce the risk of diaper rash.

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