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Why Do You Leak Urine in Diapers

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What is the cause of urine leakage?

1. The way of wearing is incorrect

Wearing diapers may seem simple, but if you don’t wear them properly, you will easily leak urine.

There are several points that users need to pay special attention to in terms of wearing:

1. Prevent back leakage. It is necessary to raise the diapers on the back, and then pull the diapers in the legs up to below the belly button, so as to prevent urine leakage and contamination of the belly button if the diapers are not worn properly. Fold the edge of the diaper on the abdomen slightly in or out to prevent a worn belly button. Then stick the Velcro on both sides firmly. Doing so can more effectively prevent urine from leaking from the back. The tightness of the waist is also based on the ability to fit a finger.

2. Prevent side leakage. Organize the leak-proof sides of the folds on both sides of the diaper, and let the leak-proof sides stand up, so as to effectively prevent side leakage. Then it is necessary to wear the diapers properly, and the two sides must be aligned, so as to avoid the diapers not wearing crooked and reduce the possibility of side leakage.

3. The leak-proof side is also called the side-leakage guard, which is the frill standing up on the inner thigh, which can effectively prevent the excrement from leaking out along the gap between the thigh and the diaper.

2. Inappropriate size

If the way of wearing diapers is correct, the urine still leaks. Then it may be that your size is not suitable. The choice of diapers does not depend on age, but on weight. Users should choose according to their own weight. Oversized models are prone to leaking urine, and too small models will cause back seepage due to the retention of more urine than the diaper can withstand, and the diapers will be too tight to damage the skin.

Three, diaper saturation

The urine output is relatively large, or the wearing time is relatively long, causing the diaper to become saturated. At this time, the absorbency will be poor and urine leakage is prone to occur. In this case, it is recommended to change the diaper in time to shorten the wearing time. Special attention should be paid not to let the private parts stay in the dirty diapers for too long, otherwise it is very likely to cause itching, inflammation, and even infection.

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