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Why Can Darling Appear Red Buttocks

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1. Infant factors:

The baby’s skin is not yet fully developed, and the cuticle is very thin, especially in the area that comes into contact with the diaper, which is thinner than the rest of the body. Infant skin is tender, corneous layer is thin, the skin that diaper wraps is very easy to be stimulated by excrement and urine, produce redness, blister, erosion, ooze wait for inflammation sex change.

2. Bacterial factors:

Urea, feces urine contains bacteria and bacteria breeding secretion after a decomposition of the urea enzyme called urease in urease is broken under the action of urea to produce a produce stimulation to the skin gas ammonia and ammonia has very bad smell, and can make the skin around the PH change from weak acid to weak alkaline, the effect of epidermal and dermal tissue very harmful influence, stimulation of red lead to bacterial skin infections, especially in infants and young children skin effect is more serious.

3. Factors of usage habits:

The baby did not change diapers frequently, after the toilet did not timely wash the buttocks are likely to make the baby produce red buttocks. Medical experts think diaper rash is due to the hips too wet for a long time and urine and urine caused by the action of will make the skin permeability increase, higher ph, it is easy to diapers or clothing worn out, make the urine enzyme erosion hip skin, or infected by microbes and when this happens, can induce the further friction between diaper rash skin creases make diaper rash more aggravating, that is why the diaper rash often occur in the groin and thigh upper medial skin folds.

4. Allergy factors:

The appearance of the baby’s skin surface and the shape of the diaper is the same swelling marks, may also be the baby is allergic to the diaper.

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