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Why Are Sanitary Napkins White?

Why Are Sanitary Napkins White

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Women are one of the greatest and strongest creatures in the world, because women are the carriers of human reproduction and the creators of life. At the same time, they have to experience the unbearable pain for ordinary people once a month. The pain is even worse during childbirth. Therefore, there are many poems and articles that promote and praise women throughout the ages, and “caring for women” has become one of the themes of the new era in modern times.
Women have to go through a special period every month, that is, menstruation, and they need to use sanitary napkins during menstruation. After the investigation of big data, many women will have doubts about the color of sanitary napkins. Why are sanitary napkins all white and there are no other colors?
In fact, the reason for the white color of sanitary napkins is the same as buying light colors when purchasing underwear. When you buy underwear, shopping guides generally recommend young women to buy light-colored underwear. This is because the underwear worn is one of the standards that can reflect the health of women. The reason why sanitary napkins are white is also the same.
The condition of a woman’s menstrual period is very important. Whether she feels abdominal pain during her menstrual period, how long it lasts, and the color of her blood are all key issues to pay attention to. The sanitary napkin is white, so you can see at a glance whether the color of the blood is healthy, so you can basically judge whether you have gynecological diseases.
If the color of the sanitary napkin is blue, black or red, it will make it difficult for people to know whether there is stolen goods, and the result cannot be judged. To a certain extent, it also loses the significance of women’s menstruation.
Apart from the most important reason of being able to judge the blood condition, there are also some minor reasons. In the eyes of ordinary people, white is the source of all colors, and it is one of the relatively clean colors. People’s trust in white will increase. Sanitary napkins are objects used in women’s private parts. They focus on trust and cleanliness. Using them will relax the body and mind, which will help relieve the pressure and pain of the menstrual period.
In many modern enterprises, the production and control of sanitary napkins are lower than the market standard, which is terrible for women. There have been news reports that girls found bugs in the sanitary napkins when they used a certain brand of sanitary napkins. The news has been reported, causing women to panic, which means that women are more likely to suffer from various diseases.
Therefore, sanitary napkins are white. You can tell at a glance whether the sanitary napkins are well-made, and you can stop using them immediately if you find something abnormal.
The above is the main reason why sanitary napkins are white. At the same time, when you choose sanitary napkins, you should not use new products of various colors, which is not conducive to women’s health.

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