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Why Are Diapers More Likely To Leak In Winter?

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1. When the weather turns cool, the baby’s urine volume increases

The weather is cold, the baby sweating less, and the baby is prone to hot and hot, drink more water, urine more and more frequently, diapers quickly reach saturation. If not replaced in time, easy to appear reverse osmosis, resulting in butt skin discomfort!

2. More clothes can easily cause displacement of diapers

Winter weather is cold, the mother will usually give the baby to wear more clothes when the baby to change diapers, the baby does not cooperate or like to move, the mother should quickly change the diapers to avoid the baby catching cold, the diaper will be put on in a hurry, the edge is not completely adjusted is easy to leak urine!

In addition, the winter temperature is low, the baby is wearing relatively heavy, whether it is the baby playing games, or adults holding the baby, it is easy to cause diaper deviation leakage. Baby lies prone to sleep also easy to let diapers flow is not free, leakage of urine!

3. Mistaking it for urine leakage

We all know that winter glasses easy to fog the situation, there are wearing glasses, from outdoor to indoor, when the indoor hot air and the temperature of the lens meet, glasses will fog!

In the same way, when the hot air from the baby’s urine seeps into the bottom of the diaper, it meets the cooler bottom of the diaper and the clothes, and the bottom of the diaper will feel damp. When the more hot air is through, the more moisture accumulated at the bottom, the mother will think that the baby leak urine, but it is only because of the diaper is in the process of ventilation.

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