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What To Do If The Length Of Oem Pull Up Diapers Is Not Enough

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What to do if the length of oem pull up diapers is not enough? In daily life, when buying diapers, you must choose the diapers that suit your length. When buying, you must choose oem pull up diapers based on your own personal needs. After all, the types that everyone needs are different, and they vary from person to person. When buying, you must also pay attention to the quality of diapers and whether they are within the warranty period and other issues.

What to do if the length of diapers is not enough

   Choose the baby’s diaper model according to the baby’s weight. Generally, NB size is suitable for babies under 5 kg for newborns; S size is suitable for 3-8 kg; M size is suitable for 6-11 kg; L size is suitable for 9-14 kg; XL size is suitable for more than 12 kg. For diapers, buy big and not small, some brands have different standards of suitability, so choose according to the principle of buying big and not small. Diapers have poor air permeability and poor heat dissipation performance. If the diapers are too small and tight, it is not conducive to the health of the baby’s lower body. Do not use diapers multiple times. Do not use diapers that have been used once and are a little dirty, and do not use them again or even multiple times, otherwise they will harm the child’s health due to small losses.

Choose a oem pull up diapers with a wetness indicator. When you understand how to choose a baby’s diaper model, you should also pay attention to choosing a soft, good absorption capacity, with a leak-proof side, preferably with a diaper. Directed. When the baby has urine, it can give a reminder through its color change according to different humidity. The baby’s diaper is elastic at the back, and the patch is at the front. Turn the elastic side from the baby’s back waist to the front, and then to the belly, pull the patch back to the front symmetrical position. The size of the tightness of the diaper should be determined according to the baby’s specific waist circumference. If it is too tight, it will easily damage the baby’s skin and cause infection; if it is too loose, it will easily cause omission. Generally, the tightness is that the baby can reach three fingers when lying down.

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