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What To Do If The Baby Has Diaper Rash

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If a child develops diaper rash, it is necessary to expose the baby’s buttocks to the air for a period of time. This will help the child’s rash to subside and it will also have a good effect on the treatment. Usually, the child needs to wear less clothes. You can wear too much for your child to avoid sweating too much, which will also cause diaper rash or prickly heat. Especially in the hot summer, the indoor temperature must be kept moderate, not too hot, and the child needs to wear some Soft clothes, don’t wear inferior clothes.

You can also use some isolation creams for your children, such as zinc oxide powder, talcum powder, etc., which will have a good isolation effect, which can effectively prevent the urine from directly irritating the child’s skin and play a good protection. Function. Parents must use snacks when caring for their children, especially when the weather is relatively hot, it is more prone to infection. At this time, it is necessary to keep the affected area of the child ventilated. If possible, try not to use diapers. It can be used, and you can often take your children out to play, which will also have a good effect.

If you want to treat diaper rash, it is relatively simple and easy. As long as you take good care of your child’s skin afterwards, diaper rash can also be prevented. Usually, you must avoid using irritating soap, shower gel, etc. to clean the skin, so as not to Cause unnecessary damage to the child’s skin.

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