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What Should The Preservation Of The Diaper Pay Attention To?

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1. The fresher the date, the better

First of all, when it comes to the preservation of diapers, the shelf life of diapers is the first, every package of diapers are printed before the date of use, the shelf life of diapers is generally in two to three years, so mothers in the purchase of diapers must pay attention to the production date and shelf life on the packaging.

2. Provide a clean and dry “home” for diapers

When moms store diapers, unsealed or not, it’s best to keep them in a clean, dry place with no direct sunlight. Must pay attention to put the place of the diaper had better not put other may be easy to provoke insects items, and try to use the diaper in 2~3 months had better. If the home is a micro-damp environment, it is recommended that the diaper had better be used in about a month, to avoid a long period of time to diaper damp bacteria, resulting in the use of the baby red butt hidden danger.

3. Moms can choose to buy a small storage bin

Seal the opened diaper into a box and put it in a dark, dry place to save the diaper and store it easily. Of course, if the mother is in trouble, she can use tape to seal the opening of the diaper and put it in a cool, dry place as high as possible.

PS: if the diaper is slightly damp, please use it up quickly; If the damp phenomenon is more serious, it can not be used for the baby.

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