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What Kind Of Diaper Suits The Baby

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Soft texture: the baby’s skin is extremely delicate, if the diaper is rough, love to move the baby’s butts and diaper friction will appear red or even worn, children are to suffer a lot.

Perfect close-fitting: the design of the diaper fits the baby’s small butts will let the baby feel comfortable, tightness, size these are to pay attention to, and with the change of the child’s body shape, to timely give the child to change the size of his diaper.

Good absorbency: powerful ability is the key to absorbing layer, absorption rate and prevent sliding sideways is to focus on, changing diapers are theoretically 4 h but actually not like this, absorptive capacity relative difference of diapers can only stand 2 h, not absorbed completely, fart fart have foreign body sensation, the baby began to whisper, so strong absorbent diapers at the beginning of the nursery for novice mom benefits greatly drop! I can’t help but feel this, especially when there’s no one to look after tsukiko!

Good air permeability: poor air permeability of the diaper is more likely to cause the baby red butts, diaper rash, so air permeability should also be a standard to evaluate the quality of diapers.

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