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What Kind Of Diaper Is A Good Diaper

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According to the relevant national standards such as GB 15979-2002 “Sanitary Standards for Disposable Hygiene Products”, GB/T 28004-2011 “Paper Diapers (sheets, Pads)” and other relevant national standards, the quality of diapers should be based on hygiene and safety indicators, performance indicators, and pH values. Each indicator is tested and judged.

Slippage: the faster the liquid is absorbed, the better the product’s absorbency

The slip volume reflects the lyophilicity of the product surface. The slippery volume is small, indicating that the liquid can penetrate into the absorption layer faster, so as to ensure that the product can absorb the liquid faster and keep the skin dry. The faster and more effective the liquid is absorbed, the better the absorption performance of the product.

Re-seepage amount: the ability to lock water determines whether it is comfortable

The amount of re-permeation reflects the performance of the solidified liquid of the diaper. The diaper’s function of absorbing and condensing liquid is realized by the internally filled absorbent material. The product has good absorption and the function of fixing liquid, so as to ensure that the liquid does not seep back and keep the user’s skin in a dry environment.

In addition to the amount of slippage and reflow, it is also necessary to consider whether the PH value of the diaper is in the most suitable state for the human body.

pH value: create a skin-friendly weak acid environment

The pH value is used to indicate the strength of the pH. National standards require that the pH value of adult diapers (sheets, pads) products is between 4.0-8.0. If you contact products with too high or too low pH for a long time, there will be adverse reactions such as irritation and sensitization.

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