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What Is The Use Of Expired Diapers

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       1. Expired diapers can be used to mop the floor

   As the saying goes, bad boats also have three catties of nails. Although the absorption performance of expired diapers is slightly weakened, it is still not known how much stronger than ordinary wipes or mops. Mopping the floor with expired diapers not only has an amazing water absorption effect, but the non-woven fabric on the surface can also gently care for the floor, making the floor as bright as it is waxed, and you can’t help but roll up after you drag it.

   2. Expired diapers can also be used to grow potted plants, because most potted plants do not require too much water, but they are not enough for humidity, so it is particularly difficult to feed. Cut off the absorbent layer in the middle of the diaper, soak it in water and freeze it overnight, then take it out and place it between the pot and the base of the potted plant, so that the flowers can absorb the required water without being over-hydrated.

  3. Cut the part of the waste diaper close to the back waist, the size should be able to hug the baby’s knees. This part is generally not wet and can be put on the baby’s knee after being cut, which is equivalent to the same small knee pad. When the baby crawls, the knee will not be cold, and it will not be too drenched, and it can also prevent soiling of the pants.

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