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What Is The Highest State Of Sanitary Napkin Freedom?

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These days, sanitary napkins have suddenly become the focus of national media.

It is said that the reason is as tortuous as the history of sanitary napkins-according to the new regulations of the National Medical Insurance Bureau, contraceptive drugs will no longer be reimbursed from September, so many issues that are not usually on the stage have been put on the stage, such as “Is Viagra in medical insurance?” “, “whether circumcision is covered by medical insurance”, etc., even the “sanitary napkin tax” is also mentioned.

It was originally just a casual discussion. After a few days, the “sanitary napkin tax” quickly became the center of public opinion, triggering empathy among countless women. Of course, the so-called “sanitary napkin tax” quickly affected the “freedom of sanitary napkins” and “freedom of speech and menstruation” that have been repeatedly mentioned in recent years. For a long time, menstruation has been a taboo worldwide. Especially in all kinds of sanitary napkin advertisements, all blood is replaced by an unknown blue transparent liquid, and all advertisements convey a concept: rest during menstruation and avoid jumping off.

Before the invention of sanitary napkins, women all over the world treated menstruation with “the eight immortals crossing the sea and showing their magical powers”. They used various fabrics and absorbent materials to make their own sanitation to suck blood-rich people would use white paper and silk hemp. Almost use cotton, and use plant ash, or even hay bark and leaves, for those without money.

These things will be stuffed into a menstrual cloth with a string at both ends that can be tied around the waist. Throw away the former after use, while the latter usually needs to be washed and dried after use. When the menstruation visit next month, insert a new filler and the cycle will not be replaced.

However, this seemingly extremely daily and necessary daily necessities has become a common taboo for people all over the world-to this day.

The eldest girls and old aunts were very careful when using, cleaning, and placing the sanitary belt, and they were almost three feet away from the ground. The vast majority of men have been married for decades without knowing anything about the existence of sanitary belts.

Therefore, people who dared to show off the sanitation belt are either madmen or true feminist fighters. In the 4th century AD, the famous female philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer Hypatia once regarded her sanitation The belt smashed at a courtier who was following her.

This “feat” did not hinder her image in the least.

Countless Greek scholars still regard her as the most fascinating muse in Alexandria, thinking that she is the incarnation of Athena in the world. Everyone came to Alexandria not far away just to become her student.

Who would have thought that the first sanitary napkin was actually for men-it was a disposable blood-sucking bandage made of fiber cotton, and it was also the first “disposable” textile sanitary product in human history.

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