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What Is The Function Of The Oem Pull Up Diapers?

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If traditional oem pull up diapers are used improperly, diaper rash is most likely to occur. Diaper rash is a common skin disease in babies, and its main cause is direct contact between urine and skin. The friction caused by the baby’s discomfort and the inability to change oem pull up diapers in time often lead to diaper rash. The main way to prevent the occurrence of diaper rash is to avoid direct contact of urine and feces with the skin. Traditional oem pull up diapers cannot do this. Disposable oem pull up diapers containing polymer absorbent particles can quickly absorb urine and prevent back seepage, separate it from urine and stool, prevent the increase of skin pH, and weaken the ability of irritating enzymes to cause diaper rash. The timely and efficient attractiveness of disposable oem pull up diapers containing polymer absorbent particles can make the skin of the little butt dry, effectively reduce secondary infections caused by urine and stool pollution, and reduce the chance of friction for babies due to discomfort. This keeps the baby away from diaper rash and keeps the skin dry and healthy.

 Dry oem pull up diapers can keep mothers and babies sleeping all night, which is beneficial to the development of the baby’s brain, and also allows the mother to have sufficient energy for early education and intellectual development of the baby. As the baby grows older, the amount of activity increases, and the range of activities increases. Choosing a comfortable and close-fitting diaper can make the baby play and explore the world freely.

A mother reported that the cotton oem pull up diapers used by the baby after birth are changed frequently, but the baby is still red ass, and many methods have been used to no avail. Later, after trying the oem pull up diapers for two days, they healed without medicine. So, I personally think that oem pull up diapers are good. There is nothing wrong with wearing oem pull up diapers for babies. It is enough to expose babies to their ass at a fixed time every day (30 minutes to 2 hours). Because oem pull up diapers can provide a more hygienic growth environment for babies, because it can reduce the spread and pollution of bacteria in feces more than traditional oem pull up diapers. The survey results show that fecal bacteria in the toys and daily necessities of babies who use oem pull up diapers are better than those who use traditional oem pull up diapers. There are far fewer babies.

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