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What Is The Difference Between Pads And Sanitary Napkins

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Female friends are no strangers to aunt’s towels, and they cannot do without sanitary napkins when the days of each month come. In the current society, this is a very convenient way. Compared with ancient sanitary strips and sanitary belts, It can be said to be a world of difference. So, what is the difference between pads and sanitary napkins?

The emergence of panty liner products is many years later than sanitary napkins. Its main function is to pad in underwear. It is a product on the market to prevent vaginal discharge from soiling the underwear. However, many girls have developed a habit of using pads, leading to gynecological inflammation caused by not washing their underwear or replacing the pads in time. This is very tragic. Let’s talk about the difference between pads and sanitary napkins, and how to use pads and sanitary napkins correctly.

1. Cushion:

Cushion products are generally used occasionally when there are more secretions. They are thinner than sanitary napkins, are relatively breathable, have a smaller volume, and are relatively inexpensive. Some cushion products also have a fragrance that can cover up the secretions. Stink, avoid embarrassment. It is generally used before and after ovulation, when the secretion of leucorrhea increases, or when the menstrual blood decreases at the end of menstruation. But it needs to be replaced in time, preferably not more than two hours.

2. Sanitary napkins:

When menstruation comes, girls must use sanitary napkins, which are convenient and relatively clean. At present, most sanitary napkins on the market will not cause the embarrassing situation of menstrual blood leakage. At the same time, there are extra-long sanitary napkins for night use. Let women sleep at ease without worrying about soiling the sheets. In addition, there are built-in tampons, especially suitable for use in summer, will not affect the appearance of the buttocks, but the price is relatively expensive.

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