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What Is The Difference Between Diapers And Growing Pants

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Everyone is familiar with diapers. For small babies, mostly lying flat or sleeping, diapers are easier to wear. But as the baby grows up day by day, the range of motion becomes larger and larger, the actions become more and more “rough”, turning over, crawling, walking, running and jumping… At this time, changing the baby’s diapers often becomes difficult. Growing pants came into being!

The growth pants can be easily put on by just pulling a set, and it fits the skin better, which is convenient for the baby to exercise, and the dad can also easily handle it!

How old can a baby wear growth pants? How to choose?

1. See demand

The biggest advantage of growth pants is that it is easy to change and take off; the design of growth pants is similar to that of underwear, and it is more suitable for use in the process of baby toilet training.

Regarding the question of how old a baby can wear growth pants, the answer is: there is no specific month age requirement. Generally, it starts from when the baby can crawl. When you find that the baby is getting more and more active and the diapers are difficult to wear, you can consider growing up. pants.

Therefore, in terms of age, parents only need to consider the current state of the child and their own convenience.

2 Look at the brand

When choosing growth pants, brand can be said to be a very important reference dimension.

A good brand is a guarantee of peace of mind.

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