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What Is The Baby’s Core Need For Diapers

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Diapers have undergone roughly two transformations: the first, half a century ago, was still diapers, but still a good solution to the human labor of washing diapers, and indeed, creativity and innovation are largely driven by human inertia. The second revolution, after 10 years, polymer absorbent materials began to be used in diapers, so that the product’s liquid absorption has been fully guaranteed.

Now the core has been developed to a multi – layer prefabricated core structure. In order to enhance the absorption capacity of the core, a more refined layering technique is used to make the core body reach 7 layers, among which 3 layers are evenly distributed water-absorbing polymers. Each layer of water-absorbing polymers has a clear division of labor on “absorbability”, “flow velocity”, “absorption velocity”, “diffusivity” and “water-locking capacity”, and each performs its own duties. The reverse-osmosis value of the traditional core has been reduced from 3 to 1.

Due to the uniform dispersal of the polymer, the multi-layer core body can still keep flat after absorbing urine, no lump continuous layer. At the same time, the core body adopts the partition technology, the core face layer creates the s-type breathable groove, reduces the contact between the skin and the diaper surface layer, and sets aside two breathable channels, which further improves the breathability of the core body.

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