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What Is Baby Training Pants

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Baby products are now classified in a finer category, and there are many baby products that are not known by the new parents, such as baby diapers and diapers, which most parents know, but there are currently baby training pants, This is a lot of baby items that are not clear to the parents. So, what exactly are baby training pants?

Baby training pants are also called pull-up pants. Some functions of training pants are similar to baby diapers. When it is used, it needs to be replaced after the baby is excreted, and it has the function of separating urine, so when the baby excretes urine and urine, there will be no urine leakage, and both the diaper and the diaper have urine absorption and Function of urination.

However, training pants have a smaller urine absorption than diapers, and the surface will not be as dry as diapers. This is for the baby to feel wet and uncomfortable after excretion so that when the baby is trained to have small urine, it will call the parents. This is also one of the purposes of using baby training pants.

When using training pants for your baby, parents must take good care of your baby. And when you have a bowel movement, you must change your baby’s training pants in a timely manner. Don’t let urine and feces stimulate the baby’s delicate skin for a long time. If the replacement is not timely, it is easy to cause infant eczema. Before changing training pants, clean the baby’s ass with warm water. Training pants have poor breathability. Keep your baby’s buttocks clean and hygienic to avoid skin allergies.

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