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What Are The White Crystals In Baby Diaper For Period

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Curious mothers, have you ever taken apart the baby diaper for period and studied them? There was a mother who “disintegrated” the diapers live online, and a pile of small white particles was poured out of it! Faced with this situation, the mother was a little puzzled. She worried that if these crystal particles touched the baby’s ass, would it cause the baby to red ass?

1. What exactly are white crystal particles?

Experts point out that baby diaper for period generally consist of three main parts:

Surface coating layer, absorbent core layer and base film.

The crystalline particles in the baby diaper for period are the transparent polymer water-absorbent resin (SAP) in the absorbent core, which are both in diapers and ultra-thin sanitary napkins.

It is non-toxic, non-polluting, strong in water absorption, and extremely high in water retention. It is a degradable organic substance.

2. Is SAP harmful to babies?

The answer is: no!

With the development of technology, diapers are becoming thinner and lighter. In order to make the baby more comfortable, the water absorption effect of diapers is getting better and better, and the polymer water-absorbing resin content in natural diapers is also more.

Nowadays, most parents will use diapers for their children, after all, baby diaper for period are so convenient and easy! However, no matter how good the diapers are, moms and dads must remember to replace them in time! Because, if you encounter the phenomenon that diapers expose crystalline polymers, it is often because the diapers have been used for too long.

But moms don’t have to worry. The substances in the diapers are very safe. The granular crystals are formed after SAP absorbs the baby’s urine and will not cause harm to the baby. So please rest assured mothers, there is no problem!

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