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What Are The Materials Used In The Production Of Diapers

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1. Non-woven fabrics: The functional classification of non-woven fabrics used for Baby For Diapers is becoming increasingly refined. Surface hydrophilic non-woven fabric, body water-resistant non-woven fabric, permeable layer non-woven fabric;

2. Adhesive stickers: plastic adhesive stickers (normal-silent)-non-woven adhesive stickers-Velcro;

3. SAP: The proportion of SAP in the core is increasing. Initially, it was below 10%, and now it is about 30%-40% under normal circumstances, and it is as high as 70% in some cases;

4. Bottom film: PE film or PE film + non-woven fabric;

5. Film: ordinary film-breathable film-breathable composite film.

We use Baby For Diapers mainly because they are very convenient. It can save you the trouble of changing and washing. In terms of urine absorption, the requirements for the functional quality of diapers are getting higher and higher. They do not leak urine or re-seepage. Breathability, skin care, beauty and comfort are equivalent to wearing shorts. The development of diapers can be said to be developing in multiple directions.

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