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What Are The Important Indicators Of The Permeability Of Diapers

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I believe that when many consumers buy diapers, because there are so many brands of diapers on the market, they do not know how to distinguish the quality and performance of the products, and it is difficult to buy comfortable and healthy diapers. In the delivery moisture of the diaper, that is, the moisture content of the diaper itself, the higher the moisture content, the more likely it is to breed bacteria and mold. Therefore, consumers can take this factor into consideration when buying diapers.

Secondly, since the basic function of diapers is to absorb urine, there will be less re-exudation after absorbing urine, making the surface layer of the baby’s skin dry and leaking less urine. It can be seen that the amount of slippage, the amount of leakage and the amount of back seepage are three important indicators to measure the permeability of the product. Slippage reflects the rate of urine absorption by the product. If the diapers cannot absorb urine quickly, the baby’s skin will be in contact with the urine for too long, which will cause damage to the skin and may even leak urine. The amount of leakage reflects the leak-proof performance of the product. If the leakage of the product is too large, excess urine will leak from the bottom membrane of the diaper. The amount of re-osmosis reflects the product’s ability to absorb urine and retain water. If the product has a large amount of re-osmosis, it will easily lead to contact between the skin and urine, and the growth of bacteria.

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