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What Are The Characteristics Of Good Quality Diapers?

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One: 2 times the elastic side waist circumference

  Although the Baby Diaper Zero Size manufacturer will set according to the weight of several babies, based on the size of the reference table, let parents see the baby’s weight in this range, and then decide which size diaper to choose, but after each baby’s body is different , So it needs to rely on the Baby Diaper Zero Size Velcro adjustment to make the diaper more fit. Pampers’ premium soft cotton diapers have twice the elastic side waist, and the Velcro can be stretched twice or even longer, providing a lot of room for mothers to adjust the diaper. Full elastic waist, even if the baby will not feel a big movement to strangle the stomach, or loose, free and unrestrained.

Two: 3D printing absorbent core

  The 3D printing technology absorbent core is the innovative deficiencies of the special cotton soft for babies. The three have magical and channels, which can evenly distribute moisture to the absorbent layer, and quickly develop absorption, as far as possible by reducing urine and feces to contact the little butt time. And because it prints the water-absorbent beads to the absorption area and is no longer mixed with the pulp material, we can be lighter, thinner and more breathable, and the problems such as lumpiness and falling will be reduced, and the baby can wear more comfortably.

  Baby red butts are usually covered up because of dampness and heat. To prevent red butts, they must be able to keep their butts dry and lasting. Therefore, Pampers’s 3D printing technology absorbent core performs well in addition to water absorption. In addition, the air can flow freely between the development channel data, drain away moisture, and bring dryness!

Three: Imported silk soft material

  In order to protect the baby’s delicate skin buttocks and reduce frictional irritation, Pampers specializes in imported materials that are as smooth as silk and soft as silk. In addition, they also specially add aloe vera surface to add a protective layer to the small buttocks for intimate care.

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