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What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Diapers

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In terms of protecting sleep, wetting is one of the most common reasons babies wake up during the night. Good sleep quality is conducive to the development of the baby’s brain. The brain only secretes growth hormone during sleep. Only sufficient and good sleep can connect the baby’s 100 billion independent brain cells.

So uninterrupted sleep is very important for a baby’s brain development. Research data show that the use of water absorbing capacity and flow back small high quality disposable diapers, can provide a make hip for baby skin dry environment fully, make baby won’t always feel damp, discomfort, and decrease the number by wet to wake up, sleep time is longer than using traditional diaper baby, help baby sleep more sweet.

And a good night’s sleep in a baby’s body and played a key role in the process of brain development, not only can promote the secretion of growth hormone, and on the brain after birth and maturity of learning and memory process is necessary, sleep less influential to the structure and function of the brain, can reduce resistance to infection, vulnerable to irritability, inattention, cooperation, and hard to raise, even retardation; At the same time, it can also enhance the compliance of the developing visual cortex, and is closely related to the endocrine function, which can maintain a stable and stable state of human organs, promote the growth and repair of tissues, and respond to stress and tension.

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