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Wearing Diapers Correctly Is Also An Effective Way To Reduce Urine Leakage

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Step one: open the diaper and pull up the side of the three-dimensional leakproof. The side that prevent leak is the frill that the thigh inside stands, this design but the key that prevents leak urine, must not ignore!

Step two: had better let the baby lie flat, lie flat than sit to wear or stand to wear more fitting, more can prevent side leakage. Place the diaper on your baby’s buttocks and adjust the diaper to its proper position.

Step 3: stretch the Velcro properly, and then paste the Velcro symmetrically. What want to point out here is, a lot of mom basically did not have a reference to paste area when wearing diaper, it is to close at hand mostly. In fact, when sticking the Velcro, you can choose the appropriate scale according to the baby’s waist size. If you choose the scale “2”, then the Velcro on both sides should be aligned to 2, which can avoid the deviation of the diaper and make the diaper more comfortable.

Step 4: in order to avoid the leakproof side to fold in, and then paste the Velcro, you must remember to run your hand around the baby’s thigh, make sure the hem does not fold in and stick it on the baby’s leg, so as not to affect the leakproof effect.

Do you think it’s too much trouble to wear diapers? Will it take a lot of time? In fact, as long as you master the movement points, you can wear diapers for your baby very quickly

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