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Variety Selection Of Sanitary Pads

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Women are most vulnerable to skin damage in sensitive areas during menstruation. The survey shows that 73% of women experience local skin itching and burning during menstruation. This is mostly caused by the use of non-breathable sanitary napkins. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right sanitary napkins to pass the menstrual period. Sanitary pads are generally composed of three parts: a surface layer, an absorbent layer and a bottom layer. The materials and functions of these three parts should be considered during use.

First, choose a funnel-shaped surface with a dry mesh surface. The dry surface can protect the local skin from damp; the funnel-shaped design is better than the barrel-shaped design, and the infiltrated liquid is not easy to return.

Second, the middle layer should be breathable and contain a high-efficiency gelatinization layer. The sanitary napkins with high-efficiency gelling layer can condense the infiltrated liquid into a jelly-like shape, do not seep back after being pressed, and have no sticky feeling on the surface.

Third, the bottom layer is preferably made of breathable materials, which can allow gaseous water molecules to pass smoothly, thereby achieving the effect of timely exhausting moisture, effectively reducing the role of sanitary pads and the body to exhaust moisture, and effectively reducing The dampness and sultry heat between the sanitary pad and the body keeps the feeling of dryness and freshness.

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