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Do you have any diapers at home? Families with children must have used it. If there are expired diapers at home, do not throw them away. In fact, expired diapers are still a “treasure”. We only need to make a simple modification to turn waste into treasure. Up. Today, I will teach you the life tips of two diapers.

Life tips of diapers one: table corner anti-collision protective cover

The diapers have a certain thickness and are very soft. We can cut a piece from the diapers with scissors and glue it to the corner of the cabinet or boat at home. This is a table corner that is cleverly changed from expired diapers to protect against collision. The set is ready, is it very practical? It is very practical to stick it on the corners. If there are children and elderly people at home, there is no need to worry about knocking on the corners of the table and getting hurt.

Life tips of diapers 2: Anti-yellow shoe covers

Cut the diapers and take out the contents, so that an anti-yellow shoe cover for drying shoes is completed. We only need to put the washed shoes in, and then they can be dried in the sun. Don’t worry about your shoes getting yellow.

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