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Two Misunderstandings Of Using Sanitary Napkins

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Two misunderstandings of using sanitary napkins

01. Do not wash hands before using sanitary napkins

Most people are used to washing their hands after going to the toilet. In fact, you should wash your hands before going to the bathroom. Because if you don’t wash your hands before the toilet, the bacteria on your hands are likely to contaminate the private parts. You should pay more attention when changing sanitary napkins! Before using sanitary napkins, be sure to thoroughly clean your hands with clean water.

02. Put sanitary napkins in the bathroom

Many girls are used to putting sanitary napkins in the bathroom. In fact, sanitary napkins are very susceptible to moisture when placed in the bathroom. Once damp, it may be invaded by bacteria and is no longer hygienic. Therefore, put the sanitary napkin in a clean and ventilated environment. If you find that the sanitary napkin is damp, stop using it.

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