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Tips For Choosing Diapers For Your Baby

Table of Content

1. Close degree

The basic requirement for a diaper is to fit your child’s little butt. In addition to choosing the right size, the most important thing is the softness of the diaper. The baby’s skin is delicate, and the small butt has been in contact with the diaper for a long time. Therefore, softness and fitting are the most basic requirements.

2. Penetration

In the professional institutions of the evaluation, this index can be subdivided into the amount of sliding infiltration, re-infiltration and leakage. Literally, many parents can relate to a traumatic experience. Therefore, when choosing diapers, it is important to pay attention to whether the urine can quickly penetrate the absorption layer and reduce the time a child’s little buttocks spend in the urine.

3. The absorbance

The strong ability of the absorption layer is the key, whether it is the absorption speed, or the prevention of side leakage, is the focus of our attention. In theory, the diaper should not be used for more than four hours at a time. In addition, it is also necessary to consider whether the diaper will break or get stuck, which will directly affect the user experience.

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