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There’s Something Wrong About Diapers

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Can diapers affect the fertility of male babies?

The theory, based on an academic paper entitled “increased scrotal temperature due to disposable nappies,” seems plausible, but Dr.

First of all, there are no sperm in the scrotum of infants and young boys, and even a little higher temperature would have no effect.

Second, studies have shown that when babies use diapers, the scrotal temperature is between 35 and 36℃, and even if the baby can produce sperm, such temperature will not kill sperm.

Finally, what could be a stronger rebuttal than the fact that diapers have been in widespread use for decades, and that the first male baby to use them has already become a successful father?

Does summer wear diaper easy cover give prickly heat?

Truth: summer temperature is high bring about perspire much, sweat platoon does not go out accumulates inside sweat gland, can sweat gland is broken, stimulate the skin inflammation around hair follicle, just long prickly heat.

Diapers can not only help the baby to suck up the urine, but also can suck up the sweat, permeability is good to fry, greatly reducing the probability of baby long prickly heat.

So, the diaper is the greatest invention of the summer, no refutation.

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