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The Relationship Between Diapers And Loop Legs

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Diapers and looped legs are not related! Where are the diapers? Wearing it on a small butt, it is at most touching the hip. Where is the “circle” of the leg? The “circle” is on the knee, not next to it. Don’t worry about O-shaped legs, you will have X-shaped legs in a while

The ring-shaped leg that parents worry about is a common name, which is called O-shaped leg by doctors. After the baby was born, many parents found that when the baby was learning to walk in a swing, the baby’s knees were obviously bent and had O-shaped legs. Just when you have no bottom, “enthusiastic reminders” continue to pop up around you: your baby’s legs are all bent, wear diapers, don’t wear it!

Now I’m even more worried, is it an O-leg? Can you wear diapers?

What I want to tell you is that the baby’s legs are bent and look like O-shaped legs. Don’t worry-he will need X-shaped legs after a while~ But this is normal. The normal development process of a baby is really like this: first experience O-shaped legs, then X-shaped legs, and then become long legs. This is because the baby’s inner and outer knees are not developed synchronously, so they are natural physiological phenomena at different developmental stages. During the newborn period, babies have some O-shaped legs, which is related to the fact that the baby has been curled up in the mother’s belly.

After a period of time after birth, the baby’s O-leg phenomenon will gradually improve.

However, after the age of 2 or 3, the knees will turn outward and the legs will bend inward, called X-legs. This state will last until 7 or 8 years old or even longer.

After these stages, a relatively straight leg shape is gradually formed.

The whole process of change is normal, not calcium deficiency, “bone softness”, not diaper strangling…but a phased phenomenon in the development of the baby’s knee.

You don’t need to take any so-called “corrective” measures. Your baby’s O-shaped legs and X-shaped legs will naturally disappear as he walks, runs and jumps more and more, and his legs become straight.

But you have to know that in fact, our legs are not absolutely straight. Adults are also like this. They are more or less curved, so don’t mistake your baby’s legs to be “absolutely straight” to be normal.

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