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The Necessity Of Diapers For Infants

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Diapers can take up the baby’s urine and feces, easy to absorb water to get wet, to avoid contaminating bedding and clothing. The newborn’s skin is very delicate, so infantile diaper with soft, absorbent for the principle, can make use of old clothes, such as cotton pajamas, was old, white gauze do diapers, color should be light and easy to observe the color of urine, absolutely cannot use chemical fiber fabrics do diapers, it not only poor water imbibition, and easy to cause skin irritation.

With the development of science and technology, “diapers” appeared on the market now and disposable diapers, and their characteristics are soft, absorbent strong, water-resisting layer surface, some use special materials, advanced technology through special processing, crystal after in the urine, urine is not flooded with infantile skin, also won’t pollution, bedding, clothing.

Homemade diapers should be the right size and thickness, not too big or too thick, or too small or too thin. If they are too thick or too thin, they will interfere with the baby’s movement. If it is too small and too thin, the urine will overflow and ooze out. The edges can also scratch the skin.

Young parents should always observe their baby’s urine and feces so that they can change the diaper in time. There are different ways to fold a diaper, one is a long diaper, the other is a triangle diaper. Add a cotton diaper under a single diaper, make it a square, fold the old cotton inside, the cotton diaper can absorb more water.

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