The Hazards Of Using Expired Baby Diapers To Your Baby

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Growing bacteria

Baby diaper belong to a unique type of paper-plate utensils, which require high-temperature sterilization in the entire manufacturing process. Only the paper-plate utensils that have undergone high-temperature sterilization can be immediately sealed and packaged to prevent the growth of germs. However, the effectiveness of one-time disinfection and sterilization is ultimately limited, and there is no guarantee of sterility testing beyond the shelf life. Therefore, once the diaper expires, it needs to be applied to the baby again. Even the expired baby diaper that has not been disassembled will not be used again, because the diaper has just begun to grow bacteria in it.

Very easy to leak

The bottom layer of the baby diaper is made of PE film or a PE film without a cloth. The PE film is very easy to be catalyzed by light and oxygen. After 3 years of diaper, the bottom layer will just start to become brittle, or It is cracking. Therefore, do not apply the expired diaper to your baby. It will increase the probability of urine flow. Beware that it is very easy to leak into the urine.

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