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The Difference Between Pads And Sanitary Napkins

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The difference in thickness is the main difference between pads and sanitary napkins. Pads are very small and thin, which makes people feel no discomfort, but can not absorb much menstrual blood, and it is easy to leak on the pants. The cushion basically has no absorbing effect. It has no wings, and the two round ends are narrow in the middle, which prevents vaginal secretions from getting onto the underwear. It can be used every day.

Sanitary napkins are generally larger and are used during menstruation, but they can absorb more menstrual blood than pads. The pad can be used in normal times, that is, when there is more vaginal discharge. Use sanitary napkins for more menstrual flow and sanitary pads for less menstrual flow. Use sanitary napkins when you come. Of course, when the menstrual period is about to end, using sanitary napkins is uncomfortable, and sanitary pads can also come in handy.

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