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The Difference Between Oem Pull Up Diapers And Pull-up Pants

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The difference between oem pull up diapers and pull-up pants:

When it comes to oem pull up diapers, I believe that every mother will understand its role, but some mothers do not have a deep understanding of pull-up pants, especially new mothers, because their babies are still in infancy, and they are still very familiar with the use of pull-up pants. Less or even unnecessary, so they don’t know the difference between pull-up pants and diapers. What is the difference between pull-up pants and diapers?

The most obvious difference between oem pull up diapersand pull-ups is that one waist is not elastic, the other is elastic. The bonding part of the diaper is on the lower abdomen, while the bonding part of the pull-up pants is on both sides of the thigh. In fact, these are not the main differences. The main difference is that pull-up pants are training pants, which can be put on and taken off freely like panties, and once diapers are put on, it is more troublesome to take them off. Pull-up pants are generally used after the baby’s first birthday. After the baby will go, he needs to train to urinate and defecate. Then the pull-up pants are more convenient, which is equivalent to putting on a cotton underwear for the baby. The baby pees his pants. Although it is very convenient, the price is a bit more expensive than diapers, so I suggest that mothers do not need to use any oem pull up diapers at home and choose diapers or pull-ups when going out.

Pull-up pants are recommended for naughty babies, because they don’t need the baby to lie flat on the bed. Many older babies will punch and kick every time they change their diapers. It is not easy for mothers to operate. Too much, just because of the feature that the baby does not need to lie flat, you can choose to pull the trousers when it is inconvenient for your baby to lie down. Baby diapers are more suitable for young babies, because they have more poops, and they will not stand, which loses the meaning of using pull-up pants, and the composition of pull-up pants will be improved. Therefore, it is recommended for low-month-old babies. The mother chooses diapers for the baby. The tightness of the diapers can also be adjusted at any time. It is more troublesome to adjust the diapers.

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