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The Difference Between Diapers And Diapers

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The difference in appearance

Like adult underpants, diapers can be fixed on both sides of the span to maximize the absorption of urine.

A diaper is like a sanitary napkin, but it doesn’t have a sticky clasp that can be fixed across two legs. Urine is not wet urine and not wet, it is convenient and simple to use, but may be due to the lack of correct scientific use skills, easy to cause a variety of problems, so mothers should correctly read the use of steps to prevent the occurrence of baby disease.

Functional differences

The outer layer of the diaper allows the urine to quickly infiltrate into the inner layer and prevent leakage. It has a strong sense of comfort and is deeply loved by the baby. It can be fixed on the baby’s body, there is a sticky buckle is very safe, and the diaper is directly attached to the body, easy to fall off.

To sum up, diapers and diapers are not the same thing, but their differences are not particularly obvious, in order to baby’s health, mothers must carefully read the instructions and precautions, only the correct use, babies will grow up healthy.

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