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The Difference Between A Hot-air Non-woven Fabric And A Spunbonded Non-woven Fabric

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1. Hot air non-woven fabric

Belonging to the hot air bonding (hot rolling, hot air) in a non-woven cloth, hot air non-spinning is in the short fiber carding, using the hot air on the drying equipment through the fiber network, so that it can be heated and bonded to produce a non-woven cloth.

The outer surface of the surface layer is in contact with skin, flexible, dry degree requirements, repeated absorption ability, good hydrophilicity, cannot absorb urine after the first time, the second absorbing permeability is poor, can cause leakage, which requires fiber material is exquisite, smooth, we use the surface of material supplier is also fiber, met the feel is good, in use process not fluff, absorb smoothly etc for many times, fabrics, stereo sense is strong, pass after using variant, 6 d bump on the surface of the material can the gap was 50% with the skin, free flow of air is more breathable more dry, baby wearing more comfortable.

2. Spunbonded non-woven cloth

The polymer is extruded and stretched to form a continuous filament, which is then laid into a mesh. The fiber mesh is then bonded by itself, thermal bonding, chemical bonding or mechanical reinforcement to make the fiber mesh into a non-woven fabric. Spunbonded non-woven cloth is a long fiber but it is made from plastic slices.

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