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The Correct Way To Wear Baby Diapers

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When choosing a baby diaper, be sure to pay attention to the correct wearing method of the baby diaper. If the wearing method is incorrect, there may be leakage of urine. There are many types of baby diapers. Be sure to choose a baby diaper suitable for your baby. So what is the correct way to wear baby diapers?

How to wear baby diapers?

   Some mothers are afraid that the diaper will be rubbed off by the baby, and they always like to tightly wrap the baby’s buttocks. As everyone knows, this will not only damage the baby’s legs, limit the movement of the lower limbs, make the baby feel uncomfortable, but also reduce the breathability of the diaper. The baby’s skin is delicate, and the wrap is too tight will rub the inside of the baby’s thigh, causing skin damage and infection, and the baby girl will also cause vulvitis and urethritis.

      When the diaper becomes heavy, it proves that it has reached saturation, and the mother should replace the baby with a new diaper in time to prevent the heat and harmful substances emitted by the urine from irritating the baby’s skin.

      When diapers are used at seven or eight months old, you can give your baby urine regularly. Not only can the baby’s buttocks be ventilated and breathable, but also can train to get rid of diapers.

When the baby is sleeping, the mother turns over the baby, do not use the same sleeping position for a long time, especially do not lie on the back for a long time, so that the body will directly press the diaper for a long time, causing the baby’s hips and back to be overheated, sweat, and urine The generated moisture and heat can cause diaper rash on the baby’s skin.

In order to reduce the number of diaper replacements, some mothers like to put a layer of disposable diapers wet on the diaper, which is very unwise. Most of the wet diaper surface is made of plastic film, which has very poor air permeability and is very likely to cause diaper rash.

After the baby defecates, the mother must wipe the baby’s buttocks and skin folds with baby skin care wipes, or wash the area with clean water, then gently dry it with a dry cloth or soft cloth, and then put on a clean Diapers. The baby’s skin is delicate and easy to make the skin dry if washed regularly, so it is best to apply a layer of baby diaper cream or petrolatum after washing.

How to choose a newborn baby diaper?

  Newborns come to this world, they couldn’t control their urine and urine at the beginning, and they didn’t know how to choose the time to shit and urinate, so many mothers prepared diapers before the birth of the newborn. The newborn starts wearing diapers. So, how to choose a newborn baby diaper?

   1. Trial principle. What kind of diaper should a baby wear at birth, there is no certain standard at the beginning, you can try it on from a small diaper, and it needs to be comprehensively evaluated from the aspects of breathability, comfort and the presence or absence of side leakage. Suitable diapers.

   2. Economic principle. Of course, diapers are more expensive if they are good, and cheaper ones will naturally be less expensive. But sometimes diapers can be used. Although diapers are not very convenient, they are more suitable for newborns. Note that there will be no diaper rash.

   3. Timeliness principle. The baby’s diaper must be suitable for the baby. It is best not to store too many diapers of the same model. The second point is that you must choose a suitable diaper according to the change of the season. For example, the diaper to wear in summer is preferably thinner and has good breathability.

   4. The principle of individualization. Each baby’s situation is different, according to the baby’s own characteristics to choose diapers. Some babies have thick thighs, so you need to choose a bigger diaper. Some babies are lively and active, so you need to choose a diaper with a high waist, elastic waist and side edges.

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