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The Correct Way To Wear Adult Diaper Large

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With the gradual increase in the elderly population, more and more people are beginning to use adult diaper large. Correctly wearing adult diapers can avoid side leakage and make the elderly comfortable. Let’s use reliable adult diapers to talk about the correct way to wear dult diaper large.

 1. Let the user lie on his side, spread the adult diapers flat on the bed, the part with the buckle is the back piece, and open the buckle on the side farther from the user.

2. Turn the user to lying flat, open the other side of the adult diaper, and adjust the left and right positions appropriately so that the diaper is located directly under the user’s body.

3. Pass the front piece of the dult diaper large between the legs and stick it to the abdomen. Adjust the upper and lower positions appropriately to make the diaper fit the body completely, align with the back, and make sure that the legs and the diaper fit tightly.

4. Stick the buckle on the front waist patch area, adjust the sticking position appropriately, and again ensure that the diaper fits the body completely. It is best to adjust the three-dimensional leak-proof enclosure.

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