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The Baby Diaper Has Expired But Can It Be Used Without Opening

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At present, many people have blind consumption. They buy a lot when they see cheap things. Some parents also buy a lot of baby diapers when they encounter special diapers, but the children can’t use them up and they have passed the shelf life, but the packaging is still intact. It hasn’t been opened at all, so can the diapers expired but can’t be used without opening?

After the baby diaper expires, it is not suitable for use. No matter whether it is opened or not, whether its appearance looks complete and beautiful, etc., parents are not recommended to use diapers for the baby. The reason why the shelf life of diapers is determined is to make sure that parents should use it for the baby within the stipulated time. It is safe to use diapers during the shelf life. If it is used by the baby after the expiry date, there will be more hidden safety hazards.

If there are a lot of expired baby diapers at home, parents feel that it is a pity to lose them directly, and they bought them for real money, so they can be used for other purposes. For example, expired diapers are used to mop the floor. Although the absorption capacity of expired diapers is relatively poor, it is made of non-woven fabrics, etc., which also has water absorption capacity. It is very easy to use as a rag to mop the floor or wipe the table. . In addition, parents can also use their own hands-on ability to make diapers into a knee pad for the baby who is crawling, to protect the baby’s knees and avoid the baby’s knees from being injured by bumps.

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