Silicone Release Paper

Paper Type: Specialty Paper
Pulp Material: Wood Pulp
Pulp Style: Recycled
Pulping Type: Chemical Pulp
Feature: Waterproof
Custom Order: Accept
Item: Release paper
Application: Diapers, Sanitary napkin, etc
OEM Service: Accepted

Silicone Release Paper For Hygiene Products

Material: Wood pulp, silicone oil
Applications:  Sanitary napkin, panty liner, lint roll, label, envelope, etc.
Certificates:  CE, ISO9001:2008
Weight:  29/33/35/38/40 gsm
Width:  20-1200 mm, or customized
Printing Color:  customized (accepted custom logo)
Silicon Coated:  Single-side coated
Tensile Strength:  >2.75 KN/m
Silicone Release Paper Splits:  ≤2
Outside Diameter:  500±20 mm
Inside Diameter: 76±1 mm
Water Level:  6%±2%


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