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SAP For Sanitary Napkin Materials

SAP For Sanitary Napkin Materials

Material: Sodium polyacrylate
Applications: Sanitary napkins, diapers, underpads, absorbent paper, pet pads, etc.
Certificates: CE, ISO9001:2008
Water Content:  ≤6%
Particle Size: 60-80 mesh
Water Sopping Ratio: 500-800 g
Brine Absorption (0.9% NaCl): 58 g
Water-holding Capacity: 35 g
Pressurized Absorption: 25 g
Absorption Rate: ≤45
Bulk Density: 0.6-0.73 g/ml
SAP For Sanitary Napkin Materials PH Value: 5.9-6.4
Apparent Specific Gravity: 0.6

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