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sanitary napkin raw materials

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Sanitary napkin raw materials for quality feminine napkins

Hygiene is one of the main aspects that determines a human personality. The hygiene business is all season and continues to scale up as the population increases.

 Different hygiene products are in the market ranging from adult diapers, baby diapers, face masks, and pull-ups.

 To value, female hygiene sanitary napkins are still considered at the top of the list. About 57.43 million women in the US will consume sanitary napkins in 2020!!

 Sanitary pads, sanitary napkins, sanitary towels, feminine napkins, pads, or menstrual pads are hygiene products designed to absorb menstrual fluids during menstruation.

 There are different types of sanitary pads classified according to their compositions. Still, almost all types of sanitary pads are focused on achieving one prime objective, i.e. to absorb and retain menstrual fluid, to isolate it from the body, and most importantly, to confirm an easy and reliable environment during the whole process.

 The Sanitary pads or napkins production process involves many steps. A sanitary napkin comprises different types of sanitary pad raw material details to guarantee its hygiene.

 Manufacturers circulate many raw materials of sanitary napkins materials from non-woven fabric to anion chips for sanitary napkins until the finished product is at their warehouses.

Sanitary napkins raw materials for quality feminine napkins

sanitary pad raw material details

Non-woven fabric for sanitary napkins
Breathable pe films
Silicon release paper for sanitary napkins
Anions chip for sanitary napkins
SAP for sanitary napkins
Bopp FAST easy tape for sanitary napkin
Hot melt adhesive glue for sanitary napkins

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sanitary napkin raw material list

1. Non-woven fabric for sanitary napkins

Non-woven fabrics are materials made out of polypropylene. They are made from long and staple fibers that employ chemical or mechanical bonds.

There are different types of non-woven fabrics according to their nature of use, but for sanitary napkins, spun-bond non-woven absorbent fabrics are used.

Non-woven fabrics for sanitary napkins are very cost-effective than woven fabrics. Woven fabrics are made by knitting the cotton together, which involves the yarn process, but non-woven fabrics, 

which are 100% polypropylene, are made by eliminating the yarn knitting process. This way, they are not only cost-effective but are quick to make.

Spun-bond Non-woven fabric for sanitary napkins is very soft and provides a gentle feel to the wearer. Furthermore, the fact that it is made from PP makes it anti-bacterial. 

Spun-bond sanitary napkins are also water-resistant, which is the primary requirement to isolate and absorb the menstrual fluid. 

The top layer of spun-bond sanitary pads is hydrophilic, which tends to absorb fluids. In contrast, the back layer of sanitary napkins is hydrophilic to avoid leakage of menstrual fluids.

Sanitary napkins are non-biodegradable. It takes 500 to 800 years to degrade the material polypropylene. 

This is a considerable threat to the global environment. But the good news is that it can be recycled to some extent to prolong its uses.

The non-woven fabric for sanitary napkins is breathable enough to deliver a gentle feeling to the women. 

The fibers for non-woven fabrics are robust and long; this makes the sanitary napkins absorb menstrual fluid with ease at a longer duration.

Gentle diaper non-woven fabric for Sanitary Napkin Raw Materials specification

Product name

Hygiene non woven fabric








Non woven

Type material

100% polypropylene

Non woven technical




2. Breathable pe films

The breathable films have a significant market; it was estimated that its market would reach around USD 2.6 billion in 2002, and it is forecasted to reach USD 3.9 billion in2025 at a CAGR rate of 8.2%.

Breathable pe films are formed by extrusion technology. They are made from polyethylene material. 


Breathable poly-ethene films are medical barriers for hygiene products; they are widely used on the bottom line of sanitary napkins, baby diapers, and adult diapers.


Breathable polyethylene films are permeable and non-permeable. They are permeable for gases and water vapors but do not let out or in blood, water, or other liquid.


This property is significant for sanitary napkins. Breathable pe films are placed on the bottom of sanitary pads. 


They prevent menstrual blood and fluids from escaping the napkins and at the same time help the escaping of different gases and water vapors.


Furthermore, as their name indicates, these films are breathable, which means they deliver sufficient breathability to the skin to prevent the growth of bacteria. They are soft and gentle and prevent the skin from developing rashes.


Gentle diapers breathable pe films for Sanitary Napkin Raw Materials specification


Product name

Breathable pe film


24- 30 gsm



Tensile force at breakpoint g/inch

MD>800, CD>200

Roll diameter

450 – 750mm




MD>200, CD>300

5% tensile force at breakpoint g/ inch

MD>800, CD>600

3. Silicon release paper for sanitary napkins

The silicone release paper is used in various hygiene products, including feminine hygiene and baby diapers. 


The prime function of the release paper is to isolate the product from tape. Silicon release paper for sanitary pads or napkins is placed on the sanitary napkin’s top layer.


They are coated with silicon on one side, and the other side is not adhesive. This helps to peel off the coating much more quickly. The silicone release paper for sanitary napkins helps preserve the napkin’s natural condition. 


It keeps the stickiness of the sanitary napkin in place and provides a fresh look and feel when peeled off.


Without the silicon paper, the sanitary napkin will lose its moisture and become unusable. Silicon papers help preserve the napkin’s moisture and prevent bacterial infection. 


The silicon release paper also enhances the usability of the sanitary napkin. AS long as the paper is attached to your napkin, your napkins are always ready to use.


GENTLE diapers silicon release paper for Sanitary Napkin Raw Materials specification


Product name

Printed pattern silicon coated release paper for sanitary napkins


White, colorful or customized

Silicon percent



40mm/ 45mm/ 60mm


Normally 43gsm

4. Anions chip for sanitary napkins

Anions are a healthy component of our environment. Ever wondered why you feel so relaxed and calm, complete, and rejuvenated while enjoying a trip on hill areas, snow-capped mountains, or camping near a lake?


This is because anions are present in vast amounts in these areas that make you feel peaceful. It also removes any stress from the body.


Gentle diapers embedded anion in the form of anion chips in the sanitary pad. These chips are placed to suit the curves of your body and offer you gentle and smooth walking. 


The Gentle diapers anion pads, when it comes in contact with moisture, produce anions. These anions can reduce the levels of stress and provide a relaxed environment.


Apart from making you relaxed, these anions can flow in your bloodstream and do wonders for your health. 


They can bring out the inflammation and blood clots in the blood and help in improving human micro ecological balance. 


The anions in the anion sanitary pads are taste and odorless, and they help remove the peculiar smell of menstruation. According to research, anions can also improve metabolism and remove waste content from the body.


Furthermore, these anions balance the irregular cycles and strengthen your immunity. The anions also help maintain the alkaline nature of the body and assist the human body in developing bacterial infections and cancer cells.


These anion pads on sanitary napkins are waterproof and prevent menstrual fluid leakage.


Gentle diapers sanitary anion chip for Sanitary Napkin Raw Materials specification 



Anion chip for sanitary napkin


28mm or customized


Non woven fabric


blue, green or customized


CE, ISO9001:2008

5. SAP for sanitary napkins

SAP is known as a superabsorbent polymer. It is known to absorb many liquids relative to its mass. That’s why it’s a must component in sanitary napkins and diapers.


The superabsorbent polymer for sanitary napkins is made from sodium polyacrylate, a water-blocking material. 


SAP is available primarily in granular forms like sugar or salt granules. These multiple millions of sodium polyacrylate granules combine to form a three-dimensional structure in a crosslinking method.


When in the dry state, the polymer chains are coiled together, and when they come in contact with the liquid, the polymer structure deforms or uncoils to absorb the coming liquid. 


Moreover, these liquid molecules are not just stored in their flowing state, but the superabsorbent polymer traps them in the form of gels.


SAP has numerous functions; it is designed to make the sanitary napkin much thinner to improve its performance. Furthermore, Superabsorban polymer in the sanitary napkins helps the shin to remain dry. 


The brilliant absorption capacity of SAP enables it to absorb menstrual fluid easily without any leakages that would lead to peculiar smells and hesitation.


Super absorbent raw materials required for making sanitary pads material for sanitary napkins also counters skin irritation. Without SAP, the menstrual fluid will not get absorbed, and it will flow from the hydrophilic to the hydrophobic layer of the non-woven fabric of the sanitary napkin. 


The hydrophilic layer of the sanitary napkin does stop fluid from passing through it. Still, the weight of the liquid can easily find gaps leading to leakages, which will allow the bacteria to host and cause multiple skin problems. And it will be pretty uncomfortable for the wearer to walk in this situation.


Using SAP in sanitary napkins significantly improves the quality and dignity of the wearer’s hygiene health.


Gentle SAP for Sanitary Napkin Raw Materials specification



Sodium polyacrylate

Apparent specific gravity


PH value

5.9 – 6.4

Brine absorption

58gm of 0.9% NaCl

Pressurized absorption


Water content

Less than 6%

Particle size

60 to 80 mash

Water sopping ration

500 to 800 gm

Water holding capacity


Absorption rate

Less than 45

6. Bopp FAST easy tape for sanitary napkin

Adhesive tapes give the final touch to hygiene products, incredibly feminine hygiene. The most common type used in the packaging industry is Bopp tape. Bopp stats for biaxially oriented polypropylene.


The tape provides very high tensile strength with a perfectly rugged nature. The Bopp tape is resistant to bursting or cracking and is also valuable to abstain from abrasion and moisture. 


The high-quality Bopp tapes from the best manufacturer guarantee excellent gumming properties for sanitary napkins. 


Furthermore, these tapes are conveniently customizable, which means you can easily print your companies logo or print on the Bopp tape to increase your brand awareness.


The fact that it is made from pp and hot adhesive makes it suitable for individual packaging film of the sanitary napkin.


Gentle diapers Bopp fast, easy tape for Sanitary Napkin Raw Materials specification


Product name

Bopp fast and easy tape for sanitary napkin


3+- mm

Adhesive type




Validity of the tape

One year

7. Hot melt adhesive glue for sanitary napkins

Hot melt adhesives are polymers that are used to make high-quality bonds. The glue is applied when it is molten or liquid with optimum softening point and hardens as the temperature scales down.

The hot melt adhesives are pretty easy to clean with minimal toxicity. They have brilliant gap-filling capacities. The methods of putting the hot melt glue vary for different purposes. Methods like spraying, rolling, extruding, or applying the glue mechanically through the gun are some of the ways to use the HMA ( hot melt adhesive)

The optimum temperature to apply the HMA on sanitary napkins is between 150 degrees to 170 degrees Celcius.

Softening point

85 +- 5-degree Celcius


1200 +- 300 cps at 150 degrees and 600 +-200cps at 180 degrees


Colour less

Conclusion - sanitary napkin raw materials

Sanitary napkins have hugely benefitted the menstruation cycle of females. The napkins are attached to the most sensitive part of the women, and inappropriate or poor raw materials for napkins can induce severe health and environmental damage. 


Using cotton cloth for menstruation is now an old technique and it poses a serious threat to health problems, similarly consuming cheap anion chips or low-quality non-woven fabric can increase the profits margin but it will deflate the quality of the product

It is always advised to use high-quality raw materials of sanitary napkins for sanitary napkins to ensure brilliant customer feedback without risking consumers’ lives.

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