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Pull Up Diapers For Adults

Pull Up Diapers For Adults Specification:Pull Up Diapers For Adults

Pull Up Diapers For Adults Features:

1.  With 360 elastic waist and underwear design, provide a comfortable fit for the user and prevent urine back leakage and easy to take off.

2.  Cotton soft and breathable top sheet, friendly to your skin and make you comfortable any time.

3.  Breathable back-sheet design, against bedsore effectively and reduce the breeding of bacteria.

4.  Leak Guard &Leg Cuff: make sure no side leakage from the thigh.


Customer service

Professional technicians.

Clients service one-to-one.

Attend exhibitions to meet customers face to face.

Free samples of Maxi long pads without wings are offered to customers.


1.  What’s your Pull Up Diapers For Adults MOQ?

A: Our MOQ is 1x40HQ  full container, can mix up to 3sizes;

2.  Which market have you exported to?

We have exported to the USA, Australia, UK, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, and so on.

3.  What is your delivery time?

For 1st order, the delivery time is 35 days. For repeat orders, it is 45 days.

For more information pls check out our pull up diapers.

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