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Precautions For Women To Choose And Use Sanitary Napkins

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Points for attention when women choose and use sanitary napkins:

Observe the outer packaging: When buying sanitary napkins, don’t be confused by the brilliant colors of the outer packaging. You must recognize the brand, manufacturer, address, production batch number, production date, etc. on the outer packaging. In addition, the sanitary napkins are most worried about health and safety. Is there a sanitation license approval number?

Check the sanitary napkin: Open the sanitary napkin and check whether the color of the sanitary napkin is white, clean, and the seal is intact and not damaged.

Strong, durable, water-absorbent, breathable: the quality of the sanitary napkin should be ensured to be strong and durable. Tear it with a little force. The sanitary napkin is elastic but will not be torn. It has good adhesiveness and is not easy to fall off. The material is soft and comfortable. Good, strong air permeability, no skin irritation, no allergies, itching and other reactions after use.

Choose sanitary napkins with different functions: the brands of sanitary napkins are different, and their functions are also different. You should choose the sanitary napkins that suit you in time according to the needs of your menstrual period, such as night-use sanitary napkins at night, daily sanitary napkins during the day, and large menstrual periods Use thick and lengthened sanitary napkins at times, pads at the end of menstruation, and sanitary napkins that relieve dysmenorrhea and prevent inflammation.

Dry storage of sanitary napkins: Sanitary napkins should be placed in a dry and hygienic environment. Sanitary napkins may breed bacteria when they are damp, and should not be used again.

Pay attention to the expiration date when using: any sanitary products have a production date, and naturally there is an expiration date. When buying sanitary napkins, do not buy too many in bulk at one time. If the sanitary napkins exceed the expiration date, there is no guarantee of sterility. Deterioration and breeding of bacteria, so it cannot be used.

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