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Precautions For Using Adult Diaper Pants

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Precautions for using adult diaper pants:

1. If the diapers are dirty, they should be replaced immediately. Otherwise, wearing stuffy diapers is not only unhygienic, but also bad for the body.

2. After the diapers are used up, wrap the used diapers and put them in the trash can. Do not flush them in the toilet. After all, diapers are different from toilet paper and will not dissolve.

3. Sanitary napkins cannot be used instead of adult diaper pants. Although the usage of diapers is very similar to sanitary napkins, sanitary napkins must not be used instead, because the design of sanitary napkins is different from adult diaper pants with a unique water absorption system.

4. Most adult diapers are sheet-shaped when purchased, and shorts-shaped after being worn. Use adhesive sheets to connect into a pair of shorts. The adhesive sheet also has the function of adjusting the waist size so as to fit different fat and thin body shapes. Therefore, pay attention to adjusting the suitability of wearing when using.

5. Understand your own situation clearly, and prepare enough diapers when you go out, so as not to lose your hands and feet when you need to use them.

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