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Precautions For The Use Of Sanitary Pads 100 Cotton

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 Frequent replacement.Sanitary Pads 100 Cotton should be changed more than 6 times a day. The survey shows that Japanese women change 6 times a day on average during menstruation, while Chinese women change 3 times. Nowadays, many sanitary napkins with “large absorption capacity” on the market make many women mistakenly believe that a sanitary napkin can be used for a long time, especially when menstrual blood is low, and only use one or two a day. This is a serious mistake.

Experiments have shown that ordinary Sanitary Pads 100 Cotton become a “medium” for bacteria after 2 hours of use. The total number of bacteria on the surface can reach 107/cm2. Women’s self-immunity decreases during menstruation and is more susceptible to external bacteria. In addition, moisture tends to accumulate locally in summer and cause allergies, so it is recommended to replace it every 2 hours regardless of the amount.

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