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Precautions For Makeup Remover Wipes

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Makeup remover wipes are favored by lazy beauties because of their convenience and ease of use. However, it is not without harm.

1. Makeup remover wipes omit the step of rinsing with water, but still leave a little dirt on the skin.

2. If the active cleansing ingredients, high-concentration dissolving agents, surfactants and emulsifying residues in the makeup remover are not thoroughly washed away, the skin may be irritated. These residues are especially important for people with dry and sensitive skin. stimulate. Some cleansing wipes that contain alcohol may also cause irritation. The special packaging of makeup remover wipes needs to add preservatives to extend the shelf life, so the skin may also be attacked by chemicals such as formaldehyde. In addition, we use makeup remover wipes with wiping action. Compared with washing the face with water, the friction surface with the face is larger, which is more likely to irritate the skin.

3. Make-up remover wipes can be used as an emergency in occasions where time is tight or conditions are limited (such as traveling, camping or gymnastics, etc.). For people with oily skin or acne-prone skin, it is even more essential when there is no water. People with eczema and rosacea should avoid using makeup remover wipes to avoid aggravating symptoms due to irritation.

4. The following 5 simple rules must be followed when using makeup remover wipes:

1) After removing makeup with a cleansing wipe, immediately rinse your face with clean water to thoroughly remove the residue that will irritate the skin.

2) Do not use makeup remover wipes around the eyes and lips, because these two areas are very sensitive.

3) If you have dry or mixed skin, apply moisturizer immediately after using the wipes.

4) Check product ingredients and beware of chemicals such as formaldehyde used as preservatives. Those wet wipes containing phenoxyethanol can be used with confidence.

5) Avoid wet wipes containing perfumes and essences to avoid additional irritation.

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