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Outline The Structure And Composition Of Urinalysis

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Modern diapers generally consist of three main parts: the surface coating, the absorption core layer and the underclothes. The surface covering layer is close to the baby’s body, which can promote the rapid urine penetration and effectively prevent the reinfiltration, and keep the surface layer of diaper dry and cool.

The surface of the coated

Diapers on the domestic market are basically non-woven fabric surface layer, breathable non-woven fabric can improve the breathable degree inside diapers, water vapor can circulate outside the diapers, timely discharge moisture, heat, effectively reduce the incidence of eczema, soft and comfortable basically does not stimulate the skin.

Absorption core layer

This layer is mainly capable of capturing and rapidly absorbing urine, dispersing urine, or diffusing it through the entire core layer through capillary action, and eventually absorbing and storing urine. The absorption core layer of diapers in the domestic market is mainly composed of pure wood pulp (nap pulp) and high water absorbent resin (SAP).

Backing part

A lot of foreign diaper bottom cloth has been used to feel more comfortable non-woven cloth, but because of the high price, the domestic market diaper bottom cloth is still mainly composed of PE film.

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